The Chocolate Canary

I hand carved a block of black walnut and added a 21.5″ scale canarywood fretboard with abalone inlay for my son. A mini humbucker gives just the right amount of heat. This piece is a major upgrade from the cigarbox guitar I made for him shortly after passing out the “It’s a Boy” cigars. The “Chocolate Canary” feels like a milestone from where and how this charity started and to where it could be going.

I began with outlandish rudimentary instruments and have found an art in maintaining the outlandishness while improving the aesthetics. I began by experimenting and progressed to planning. I began with asking who or what and now focus on why. I owe much of this experience to my son and find it fitting to share on this site. Unlike most pieces on this site, this particular piece is not available for auction.

The most time intesive part of this creation was the scraping. The scraper (pictured below) is run along the guitar to deepen each bend and curve, shaving little more than sawdust with each pass.