Autographed by FarmAid board members and music icons: Willie Nelson, Dave Matthews, Neil Young, and John Mellencamp.

Whiskey River:

There is only one substance in the world that has inspired two Constitutional Amendments. A social lubricant, a toxin, a sacrament, a demon. Alcohol has had a unique history and a profound influence on the history of music. Countless artists have found themselves at the bottom of a bottle… it got me thinking… what does music sound like when you are at the bottom of a bottle? Given that I’m not dainty enough to fit myself into a pint, my only recourse was to squeeze the most essential elements of a microphone into a bottle and work from there. Nearly a year later I finished building this barrel themed guitar around a bottle — almost like building a ship in a bottle.

The neck is made from solid oak with a rosewood fretboard selected for its resemblance to a series of barrel staves. The staves are paralleled in the design of the body with black palm inlays serving as barrel hoops. Cork has been strengthened with 2 ton epoxy and incorporated into the fret inlays, truss rod cover, and barrel bung hole.

I’ve always enjoyed working with glass because of its challenging properties and unique timbre.  One 275 ml bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label serves as the bridge pickup, embraced in the body by a Telecaster style bridge, and containing a piezo transducer to capture the resonance inside of the bottle. The bottle is illuminated with 5 LEDs and draws an audience like moths to a flame, or frat boys to a neon bar sign.

A Teley style selector allows you to choose a warm neck pickup, the rear position selects the bottle pickup with more of a bite, and the middle offers a perfect blend. Other than 1 transducer, from nose to finish, the bottle contains only what you pour into it.

I’m raising a glass to the hard working grain growers of America and FarmAid. I have donated Whiskey River in support of FarmAid’s work promoting a strong and resilient family farm system of agriculture. The members of the board autographed and sold Whiskey River to a private collector for $50,000.