Nowruz 2020 “Resiliency” Donated

Washington — Fret About This donated a second guitar to the Nowruz Commission at the 2017 Nowruz Commission Gala. After the successful auction of The First Aid Kitar this second Nowruz guitar, entitled “Resiliency”, was commissioned by the Nowruz Commission to be auctioned for the Nowruz Commission America 2020 Project. This initiative aims to improve conditions and provide hope for some of the most impoverished regions of America. Paisley is an ancient symbol for resiliency — an abstraction of a cedar tree bending to the forces of nature instead of breaking. This piece was carved from cedar and painted to resemble the ancient Persian textiles that use the double paisley symbol and inspired this guitar. Red-heart wood was chosen for the fretboard as a reminder of the work the Nowruz Commission performed in partnership with the Gift of Life Foundation to repair congenital heart conditions for the children of Kabul. The auction is anticipated in the spring of 2020.