Stars Align to Raise $50,000 for FarmAid

Washington — It is 3:00 AM at the start of Super Bowl Sunday. A tired wife asks her husband why he is staring at the ceiling. The answer is bewildering but it results in a $50,000 donation to FarmAid for a unique piece of art: “I want to hear what it sounds like to be at the bottom of a bottle”. Hours later, Fret About This founder, Matt Schaub, raced out for supplies. Wood, electronics, hardware, and a half pint of Johnnie Walker Black. “Ladies and Gentlemen, we need to do shots for my newest piece!” the Super Bowl party goers were confused by Schaub’s words but eagerly pitched in to help.

Once the bottle was empty Schaub set to work installing a transducer into the bottle effectively turning it into a microphone. A barrel themed guitar was built around the bottle with interior LEDs illuminating the bottle mount. A single coil pickup was installed in addition to the bottle, along with switches and knobs to control the blend. “I knew I had to blend and moderate with whiskey,” says Schaub, “Glass is a challenging medium to work with and can have a harsh timbre. Not only did I want to hear what it sounds like to be at the bottom of a bottle, but I also wanted to hear what a blended moderation would sound like with a traditional pickup.” FarmAid was selected to be the recipient of the art in homage to the grain growers that make most of our food and beverage supply possible.

FarmAid board members and music icons Willie Nelson, Dave Matthews, Neil Young, and John Mellencamp autographed the piece and an auction was set to take place in Sonoma during the 2017 wildfires.¬† After the auction was canceled, “I had someone ask at the concert whether they could have the guitar if they gave us a $50,000 donation. So I obliged!” FarmAid Development Director, Kari Nott continues, “We generally sell guitars at auction for around $4,000, so this is a huge boost for us.”¬†FarmAid works toward promoting a strong and resilient family farm system of agriculture, and Fret About This is proud to support their endeavors.¬†